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We are an adept and visionary growth-hacking team, focusing exclusively on the crypto and blockchain niche. We comprehend the volatility and unique challenges that the crypto space poses, and our goal is to transform these challenges into significant opportunities for your startup.

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Our team has successfully managed 125+ projects, harnessing our deep crypto and blockchain expertise to drive impactful results for each of our clients.

Here's a list of some of the clients we've had the privilege to work with:

  • LeverFi LeverFi
  • BendDAO BendDAO
  • RWA Inc. RWA Inc.
  • EthSign EthSign
  • Defactor Dogelon Mars
  • Verida Verida
  • Engines of Fury Engines of Fury
  • StepApp Step App
  • Cere Network Cere Network
  • Network3 Network3
  • Satoshi Protocol Satoshi Protocol
  • Mintlayer Mintlayer
  • Izumi iZUMi Finance
  • xHashtag xHashtag DAO
  • Defactor Defactor
  • Arena of Faith Arena of Faith

  • Experienced moderators providing 24/7 coverage
  • Responsive and professional community management
  • Adaptive and flexible team for your unique project needs

Remain in constant sync with a global team that never sleeps. With a foothold in every corner of the world, 4am maintains a lidless eye to catch, address, and work according to all your thoughts, inquiries, and concerns.

  • Non-bot, organic user growth
  • Increased user conversion rates
  • Airdrop facilitation

Inject vitality in your community and see it grow with resounding vibrance and cascading liveliness. Onboard real users through cost-effective campaigns, giveaways, and activities for an unparalleled rate and quality of expansion.

  • Eye-catching posters and infographics
  • Tailored for branding and consistency
  • Dynamic designs for major social media platforms

Liven up your socials, blog posts, articles, and announcements with custom designs that turn the void within your content into informative branded thoughts that bring data and information to life.

  • Regular user engagement on Telegram, Discord, etc.
  • Hype-creation through hundreds of accounts
  • Real-time AMA facilitation

Ensure top-notch quality of discussion and positive narrative with 4am’s signature community engagement. Strengthen and protect the lifeblood of your project by fine-tuning the sentiment through the organic magic of our 24/7 community services.

  • Professional and engaging articles
  • Experienced crypto-native writers
  • Up-to-date industry knowledge and insight

Present your project as a respected authority in your sector with our hand-crafted content. Keep your audience informed and educated through the thorough work of our talented team of writers and maintain essential relevance in a hyper-competitive industry.

  • International project representatives
  • Gain access to exchanges and launchpads
  • Get connected with KOLs

Translate the authenticity, value, and potential of your project to the target audience of your choice by leveraging the vast resources of 4am Marketing. Tap into an extensive network of KOLs, exchanges, projects, and more to materialize your goals as you envisioned them.